Revitalise Your Life In Style


At Soul LAB we have devised a sports energy band with a unique ultra-stylish life-affirming magnetic Click. The Soul LAB energy band releases all-important negative ions bringing the energy of the open air direct to you in your gym, workplace or home. Not only can it help with your general well-being, but it can also assist with weight loss by giving you more energy to exercise.
Research proves that negative ions can help improve general health and sports performance and, as 80% of negative ions are absorbed through the skin, it makes sense to wear a Soul LAB wristband.
Here’s what negative ions can do for you, all day, every day, whenever you are wearing your Soul LAB bracelet:
➢ Improve strength, balance, circulation, mental alertness and flexibility
➢ Increase oxygen flow to the brain
➢ Regulate body temperature
➢ Alleviate depression
➢ Relieve stress and anxiety


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